Collection Update

The tumour collection is the first phase of the Northern Ireland Biobank (NIB) supported with funding from the Health and Social Care Research & Development Division of the Public Health Agency, Cancer Research UK (and the Friends of the Cancer Centre. The prospective collection of specific malignancies of the gastrointestinal tract, thoracic cavity, breast, lymphoreticular system, head and neck, genitourinary and gynaecological tracts is facilitated by the fully CPA-accredited BHSCT Tissue Pathology Histopathology Laboratories.  Sample collection began in November 2011.  NIB is also now ethically approved to collect haematological malignancies and samples of tissues and blood from individuals with premalignant or potentially malignant conditions also.

NIB currently has full ethical approval to access all tissue samples (surplus to clinical need) held in the BHSCT Pathology Archives. This ability to potentially analyse additional tumour types not listed as those ‘targeted for the prospective collection’ will be an additional benefit to the wider research community.